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    Far Cry 2 and 3 because they both aren't sequels to the first game and even the 3rd game is a tenuous sequel to the second game. There are as a much a sequel to each other as saints row is to GTA 4.

    Probably should clarify that Far Cry 3 is good game, just that it's a very tenuous sequel to far cry 2.

    Far Cry 2 is a bad game and is not even a sequel despite the name. It has no relation to the first game and on top of that is riddled with crap ideas, poorly thought out gameplay and has so much padding that it's virtually impossible to enjoy the game through all the fluff that gets in the way. With that said all of the issues in Far Cry 2 could of been fixed if someone had of bothered to play it before it got shoved out into the publics hands which is what makes it so annoying for me, there's a very good game in there but there's so much shit in the way.

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