#9360729, By TarickStonefire A Good Day To Die Hard

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    Die Hard is not Die Hard if it's not Bruce Willis trapped in a single location (and no, New York doesn't count, Die Hard 3, even though you were a lot of fun and definitely get an Honorary Membership of the Real Die Hard Movie Club).

    4 was a mostly awful movie only made good in a few parts by Willis being flippantly McClane-ish, but it was mostly awful and not remotely close to being a Die Hard movie.

    I was in no way surprised to recently learn the Staggeringly Undertalented Len Wiseman was the director. I cannot understand how he keeps getting gigs apart from the fact that Crappy Big Budget Marquee Name Movies clearly make enough money to warrant his continued employment; it sure as shit ain't based on directorial panache and skill.
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