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    zm26 wrote:
    finem (finis) is correct for aim/purpose. but I think ineptus is more about what is fitting in a social sense and is not simply the opposite of aptus.

    non (est) aptus ad finem is more or less correct although aptus is dependent on a nominative noun that is not provided so could be feminine, masculine or neuter. I could be wrong though as it's not a Roman expression I've ever read.
    This looks pretty good to me.

    If you want a single word, I've seen 'inopportunus' used as 'unfit for a special purpose' though only in later Latin apparently. Cicero uses 'importunus' and Sallust uses 'inportunus' plus the ablative to mean 'unsuitable, unfit for x'. And if they use it, then you're good to go. So: inportunus fine

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