#7858549, By presh Google buys Motorola Mobility for 12.5 Billion

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    El_MUERkO wrote:
    Motorola may have less patents but they were mobile phone pioneers so they'll have patents like 'make a phonecall from a box in your hand that has no wires', the kind of stuff other companies can't litigate around.

    Not really, as Ericsson owns many of the core patents for wireless voice and data transmission. There are a couple of good articles over on The Register which discuss whether there is real value in the core IP at Motorola. I doubt very much that, even in the US, Google could use that sort of generic patent - and anyway, that will be looked at by the FCC when it evaluates the deal - something so anti-competition would not get through, I suspect.

    Plus - if there ARE Moto patents which are worth enforcing, surely they would have done so before now - instead of watching the handset division die a slow death?
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