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    ]redcrayon wrote:
    doug wrote:that said, apparently this guy shot at the police first.. however I would like to know where this information comes from.
    "It happened in broad daylight, 6.15pm. There was at least one witness, according to the Beeb."

    Is this the article you mean?


    It seems to be a little unclear exactly who fired first, especially in light of recent developments. The police have got form for feeding inaccurate reports to their friends in the press, after all. The eyewitness said they heard shots, not who they came from.

    "Of course profiling exists. But it's not harrassment if the police decide to arrest you for carrying a gun and you prove them right. I know you were answering a slightly different point about young people's dislike of the police, but this particular instance had nothing to do with racism."

    Of course it isn't harassment if you arrest someone for carrying a firearm, that wasn't what i was talking about. People from minority backgrounds have been disproportionately subjected to stop and search etc for many years, and the perception amongst many, rightly or wrongly, is that this is due to racism, both institutional and individual (I think this is a big part of it personally).

    But this is a separate issue from whether it's ok to go around torching people's houses and nicking netbooks from pc world..
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