#7739059, By silver-jon Recommend a good FPS on Xbox360

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    'Sbeen a long time. (surveys the area) - What's changed around here ? Not much. It's like "Cheers". Look, there's Cliffy and Norm !

    Okay, so I need something good to play. My tastes are simple. I really enjoy Halo. Love Left 4 Dead. Hated Fallout New Vegas (I just couldn't get the hang of actually shooting people and found myself killed by dynamite lobbers about a billion times before I thought "this is really boring and frustrating and I don't really have the time to waste on this. I'd like to waste it on a chapter-driven checkpointed FPS instead). I don't have a wide array of friends on Live, so it's got to have a decent emphasis on single-player.

    What would you recommend ? Dead Space 2 ? Left 4 Dead 2 ? Doom 3 ? (I have actually played none of these).
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