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    i agree that MS has made much progress with XP. I have to use it at work, and in the last half year it crashed completely only once. I was actually quite impressed.

    A feature that I am also missing on my Mac: that i can just press strg-C to copy a file and then strg-V it into any other position. That's really nice and simple...

    But XP has so many other issues. Once a month, i have to run SpyBot and Adaware etc.... without it just gets sooo slow. And this is although we're setting behind a firewall that blocks almost all possible ports. I already had to remove four trojans as well.

    However, i could live with that. But user experience... the number of clicks I need to do everyday tasks is so much higher on XP. Add to this the confusion about what right-click and left-click does ... particularly when changing system settings ... it's a mess. Of course one can learn all this, but it takes ages to memorize. And I simply don't have the time for this. In OS X there are the System Preference, all options are clearly marked, and you don't have to click through a series of obscure windows just to change a little bit of your systems behavior.

    Something else: why doesn't XP allow me to place my programs were i want them to be ... after I installed them. No problem in OS X ... in XP my application folder is just a mess.

    Un-installing programs --- you have to run an un-installer. And even then, it's pretty much up to chance whether everything is gone. In OS X, just move the program to the trash bin.

    Setting up printers: in OS X, or work printer is accessible with all features from the start, just a few clicks. In XP i can't duplex print after half a year although i had help from the techies ... that's just silly.

    And i could just scream whenever one of the assistants (clippy!) comes up...

    It's possible that Longhorn changes all this, but I doubt it.

    edit: another thing:
    Apple's philosophy of 'learning through exploration'. It's so hard to fuck up the system. You can try stuff out ... whithout fear of repercussions. You can interact with OS X in a quite playful manner.
    what i comes down to is this: OS X makes me feel confident, competent and in control in all tasks. In XP actually the reverse is true. There, I live with naggling sensation of confusion and powerlessness.

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