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    repairmanjack wrote:
    So... think I'm completely smitten with this. Had about a dozen games of the vanilla version online the other night. All were an utter charm. I suspect I got lucky with my choice of server, which was full on both sides, seemed to have plenty of people playing as a team (shit, I can't rememeber the last time anyone stopped to heal me in an online shooter before). Dived into a tank, first as a gunner and then behind the wheel.

    Unlocked some new gear, amassed more kills than I thought possible. I grabbed all the dlc this pm, and tried my first go at dogfighting earlier.

    I can't believe quite what a different experience it's been to playing CoD. Friendly players, not being spawn camped, surviving for a few minutes at a time. And no-one called me any rude words, which makes a nice change for Live.

    If anyone's looking for another novice to aim at, my GT is: madtheswine. (On the 360, I should add.)
    Exactly my experience. Only been playing for a week or so. Haven't bothered with close quaters or aftermath yet. The armoured dlc is ace; especially the mountain map!

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