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    Hey guys, The eagle symbol on your rank is when you hit 45. 45-50 is eagle thing 1-5. I'm 45 now, now it's 120k to 46. But they better up the ranking limits. As 20 hours to get to 45 is not cool.

    Pretty sure that they lowered it all so you could get a feel for everything.

    The Bot is fucking annoying to try and steer, as with the MAV. Anyone figured out the proper controls for them things?

    @Acid keep giving it a chance mate, it's grown on me alot. Oh, and for god sake don't do too many C4 kills it'll crash you out. Every time I push myself to C4 i grit my teeth as I detonate hoping it don't freeze up.

    Would be nice if over the final weekend of open beta, they let us in to Caspian Border 360, get a feel for vehicular combat.
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