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    The new Edge redesign I'm finding hard to get used to, because now there huge bits of pages with nothing on them. I'd rather have that space filled with text thanks.

    Anyway, more to the point, Edge has served me well over the years since 1995, with most of their reviews disecting games well. Perhaps if you read the reviewer opinions and reasons instead of point at the digit score, you might understand why a game like Dirt 3 got its score. Even I don't always agree with its reviews, but they usually hold up.

    Why I buy Edge over other magazines is for the articles, covering aspects of games that few bother with. Of late, Games TM is the only mag to match it. And in a world where print is struggling against the instant marvels of the net, I'm happy its still holding its own. Some might call the article pretenious or whatever, but I prefer to have questions and thoughts about the medium I love raised, weighed and discussed. Lets face it, to create games, you need some degree of intelligence and creative smarts, so lets leave that moaning alone.

    If you don't want to talk and think deeply and appreciatively about what you love, then play your games and leave others alone. Don't see anyone calling those who discuss football deeply, snooty etc.
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