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    @Grax; I doubt it; the 2DS/3DS thing is primarily because the whole 3D thing has died off. Developers likely don't want to waste time and/or money utilising a function that, in truth, most people have already turned off and had turned off long ago. It's not a surprise; after losing that lawsuit and the box-office drop in the last couple years for 3D, the "future" is looking pretty bleak... not least because Nintendo are known for really sticking to their guns on such functions!

    That said, I still wonder why turning off the 3D or having the option to disable it in a menu altogether isn't a more viable and ultimately cheaper option for the company? I know Nintendo enjoys hardware revisions but still... *shrugs* 3DS XL was sound enough for me.

    Mind you, I would NOT be surprised to see a new-look Wii U for Xmas to tie in with some new games. Again; it's what Nintendo do. A new look and a few fresh-faced games can work wonders, after all.

    After all, there's certainly a lot to be said for a little reinvention, wouldn't you agree? :p

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