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  • Deleted user 14 August 2013 11:27:10

    I'd seriously recommend you get a WiiU at your earliest possible convenience now, just so you don't end up wanting to buy two consoles too close together. The cost of the other systems with extras are going to be so high in comparison and the games just so, so, that getting the lesser expense of a WiiU out of the way now, and start getting the benefits of its USP (and having a new console) will put you in a much better head space for weighing up the other console purchases at launch.

    WiiUs feel pricey to begin with, but after a few games/months it has the same value feel of a Ł100 gamecube imo. Only yesterday I finally managed to get the TV IR feature to lock onto the remote code of my DVR (as an unknown satellite box) so I can control both TV/Freeview HD PVR when switching over to play the WiiU on the TV.
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