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    mazty wrote:
    @Chopsen See above. Plus, it's a forum, where people can go to talk about things. If they are uncomfortable discussing their viewpoints on something like Nintendo, then damn, wtf? Challenging a persons views would only make them angry if they're insecure about it e.g. religious fanatics, racists etc.
    See. I raise a legitimate point. It's answered with sarcasm. Yet I'm the aggressive one....?

    Steve_Perry wrote:
    mazty wrote:

    My opinions matter because my opinions tend to be right. After all the dust settles, it usually comes out that my berated view was the right one.
    I strongly suspect, and I might be going out on a limb here, that once the dust has settles most people with think you are a deluded cunt.

    Welcome to Eurogamers!
    They can think what they want - I'm still right most of the time.

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    Sort your life out mate. Seriously.
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