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    Cappy wrote:
    The current European schedule, looking a lot better with some exclusive games coming if you can wait a bit longer.

    06/20 New Super Luigi U
    06/21 Ashes Cricket 2013
    06/28 Scribblenauts Unlimited
    07/19 The Smurfs 2
    07/26 Pikmin 3
    08/23 The Wonderful 101
    08/23 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist
    08/30 Rayman Legends

    New Super Luigi is yet another side scroller rehash I'm guessing, they don't take long to develop compared to the 3D games making them prime candidates to pad a threadbare schedule.

    I suppose it will be argued that it's not a retread because it's Luigi, not Mario. It's an entirely different game!
    Looking at the year to date, that's a fucking awful release schedule.

    Regardless - I cannot WAIT to see what Nintendo manage to unveil next week.

    I'm pretty sure we're all in for a treat if they've pulled their fingers out.

    This is a company that need to release single level early demos like Gran Turismo concept, or whatever that PS3 one was called back at launch.

    Surely they could have but together single level Mario Kart HD, Smash Bros, Metroid, Mario and Zelda demos by now. Release those, and the market would go mad trying to get hold of them! Especially if they make them limited edition exclusive demos that worn make the final games, and will expire at the end of August, or something.

    Collectors Edition concept material. The consoles would become gold dust.
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