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    Does anyone know the release date of Deus Ex? I've pre-ordered it at Shopto.net but I can't find any indiciation online of when it's coming out. The best I can find is in the EG Release Dates where it's down for the 10th, but I think that's a placeholder date.

    I do realise I could pick it up for a fiver on PC, but I'm curious to see how the changes are. Though now that I think about it I'll have to come back and buy the PC one anyway to compare them, but I still want to do the Wii U one first. 25 doesn't seem totally unreasonable either given they've made an effort to make it a slightly better game. Still probably not low enough to re-buy it if you own it on another console, but it's alright for us new players (yes, both of us).

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