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    JinTypeNoir wrote:
    Luckyjim wrote:

    By this logic why didn't SMG2 make SMG redundant? And you didn't answer my question about Journey.
    Since higgins isn't here, I will answer for him by transforming into his unconscious form:

    First, his superego: "You're correct by that logic of course, but I will never admit it because so many loud obnoxious people on this forum get a field day out of trolling and teasing things they know will get a rise out of others and this makes me feel bad. I must compensate by writing like I have a grasp of game design that I can't really command. I don't honestly know why I like the games I do more than the competition, but I can't possibly just admit that. That would be admitting defeat. By looking like an elite expert of game design on the Internet I can compensate for a part of my preferences that I don't really understand or like and can't get any reasonable discussion about in the real world. Coming from a point of argument, your examples are rock solid and completely blow away my flimsy and weak opinions. But I just need to scream out because I love these games and I want others to love them with me. I don't actually have any confidence in what I say, because if I did, I certainly wouldn't act the way I do. I need to think of myself better by being right, but it doesn't feel right, and I don't know what to do."

    Second, his ego: "Of course, that makes perfect sense. Portal and Portal 2 are games with a strong, colorful, unique aesthetic that constantly bring new challenges throughout a tightly designed adventure. However, the real value comes from the atmosphere imbued from the storyline and surrounding environmental interaction with computer AIs. This is 100% analogous to Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2, because you cannot simply say 2 makes 1 obsolete by nature of the fact that the offered content is different, and enhanced by an almost perfect aesthetic. If I were to admit that Portal 2 makes Portal obsolete, then I would have to admit the same thing about Super Mario Galaxy 2. But it makes sense for neither games, because they both depend on small challenges buoyed by triumphant artistic design -- you cannot simply switch one moment for another and say it makes the past moment obsolete. That's like saying your childhood memories are obsolete because you are an adult. It's absurd. This is not simply adding more cars and tracks to a racer with the exact same engine. And of course I can't say anything about Journey, because one's connection to games like Journey is so subjective that in a case like this, it completely confounds my argument. Right now, I couldn't ever dream of having the critical faculties to tackle that game, so its best to just find a way to sidestep the whole argument."

    Third his ego: "I type, therefore I bullshit. All the world's made for a Nintendo's fan rage and all the people in it merely my players. Critical abstinence makes my cock grow harder. Ask not what Nintendo can do for you, but what you can do for Nintendo. Scream or shut up, there is no talk."
    Also his head looks like a bean.
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