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    Youthist wrote:
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    Youthist wrote:
    I got my Wii U delivered on launch day. It is still in its courier box unopened in the loft. What do I win?

    You bought something just to put in your loft. Are you insane?
    No, just not got around to playing it / opening it. Was actually waiting to see if it sold out over xmas and might have flogged it on ebay if the demand was high enough.

    As it is, the demand is non-existent and the arse has fallen out of the Wii U ebay market. So I have my Wii U but nothing of interest to play on it, and if I flog it, I will probably lose about Ł40.

    So let that be a lesson to us all!
    That story warms my cockles ;)
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