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    Rusty_M wrote:
    Raiko101 wrote:
    We've still to see such execution, but I am convinced. The gamepad definitely has a potential.
    That's actually what worries me. Motion control has a lot of potential that we so rarely see used well. I'm holding off on this until enough games come out to really make me want it.

    Any console is only as good as its games.
    The thing with motion control and its lack of effective implementation, beyond waggle. Is the hardware shortcoming of the Wii that very few people acknowledge. To use motion control as I'm pretty sure everyone envisioned. It would require realistic physics to be used in all games. To manipulate a sword/bat/whatever freely in a 3d environment, the physics of its interactions with all the objects in that environment has to be simulated, the Wii wasn't upto this task. For 3rd person games, there would also need to be procedurally generated character animation.

    Touch screen control, while not as obvious in its application (at least innovatively) does have the advantage of not being hardware intensive to implement.

    Nintendo needs to be using its big franchises to point 3rd party developers in the right direction, with using the new pad.
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