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    Cappy wrote:
    The justification of this thoroughly worthless console with the 'playing in bed' gambit is getting ridiculous now.

    I have no idea how many shills there are out there but it sounds like the sort of ridiculous, feeble twaddle originated by a marketing drone.

    It does wonders for the wider public perception of gamers. How can anybody read that without imagining that the poster is a reeking acre of corpulent flesh, embellished with weeping bed sores? Pudgy fingers, feebly raking at a stained sheet for the last few fallen Doritos. Slothful, suppurating, indolent, wretched.
    Not wothless to me personally mate. Great bit of kit and look forward to whats to come next

    Once other two show off theres i will look but Wii U is staying as second console and yes playing while tv is in use is class

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