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    TBH, unless they're somehow struggling to get it finished on time and running well ala GTA IV on the PS3, I reckon the worst that would happen is a download only release / limited edition only physical release.

    This would be a good idea really - because the collectors would come out in force to grab limited runs of classy games.

    If Watch_dogs Wii U was download only, apart from the 80 limited edition disc (real limited edition, as in 10-100000 copies tops), then the disc would become ridiculously costly on eBay within a few years.

    That would actually be a good strategy if they plan their distribution properly. Might create retailer demand for key games, and save on distro costs.

    I do wonder with the Wii U, how developers find the lack of an HDD. Do any disc-based games demand several GBs of storage for a mandatory install? Lego had long load times, that I'd assume wouldn't be so bad if it could cache a certain amount of data on the console instead of everything loading from the optical drive.

    Did we find out what speed it is in comparison to Blu-ray drive speeds? I think that PS3 is 2x BD, and PS4/XO is 6x, but I've not double checked any time recently.

    As those 3 platforms use an HDD, and recent AAA Xbox games have begun demanding an HDD, I wonder how well they're coping in bringing Watch_dogs to the Wii U. I'm really curious, TBH, as the Wii U doesn't have GTA V or Battlefield, which both demand HDDs and have large maps to stream in textures for.


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