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    If Nintendo were to announce a successor to Wii U today, how do you think they could recover?

    Personally, I don't think they can.
    They would be letting their hardcore fans down big time if they did that. The ones who have actually invested in a Wii U with the hope of more games coming out. I don't think it's really an option right now.
    Alternatively, the ones who will buy anything they sell :p

    (I kid)

    Nintendo need to convince their customer base that the WiiU was given a fair run and they tried to support it, without wasting a penny more than necessary. They need a console announcement this year to keep momentum.
    Announcing something would at least prove to the world that they have a strategy for the future, I guess. But they need at least another year of a steady flow of releases or the Wii U will be seen as a disaster rather than a mere blip and consumer confidence will be lost for any future consoles.

    Maybe they could launch a new console late 2015 at the earliest if they spec it right, and line up a useful bunch of developers to work on launch games.
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