#9332277, By SambaApe Lulzsec, Anonymous and other hacker woes

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    I just got a random email from battle.net late last night telling me my account had been locked due to either too many failed password attempts or random log-in locations. Now I haven't attempted to login to battle.net since I played WOW around the time Cataclysm first came out.

    I followed the password reset things on battle.net (not the email) and it let me in for a moment, had a snoop about.. No credit card details or active subscriptions everything was expired, most years ago. Then logged out and tried to get back in again.. Locked me out again.

    Very strange, I have no intention of ever going back to any MMOs ever again and couldn't care less about my characters, in fact I am 99% certain I deleted them when I left anyway.. Just very strange how if I was a hack-attempt, someone got hold of the email attached to it, especially after all this time...

    Oh well. :/

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