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    Basically, the guy rescuing him is almost certainly Ramsey Bolton, doing it for the lulz.
    Was guessing that. The "You little barstard" line sealed it.
    It's pretty cool, actually. Assuming that that character is actually Bolton, it paints him as even more twisted than the book character. Killing his own men just to prolong his fun and fuck with Theon's mind, only to presumably dash his hopes at the last second. Complete psycho!
    The rescue scenes from the show confused me a bit, but you're almost certainly right about Ramsay just fucking w/ Theon at this point. If you recall from the books, after Theon loses Winterfell, he disappears until Book 5, and it's not evident right away that Theon has become Reek. So changing it up on the show makes sense; HBO is not going to have Alfie Allen sitting on the sidelines for 2 seasons.

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