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  • daft_punk_909 16 May 2012 08:49:35 69 posts
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    How was I supposed to know about this update? It was only after reading this (thanks santashi!) I looked for it and found it via the orange arrow on the Uncharted home page. Surely the game should automatically tell me there is an update available!?!

    Annoyingly, I'm near the end of my 'hard' playthrough and just yesterday the stats reset. I got a 'congratulations you have made 10 headshots' when I was upto about 490. Does this mean it has reset for the 3 weapon trophies I'm yet to achieve? Also, I've been 'nearing' the blackmarket thing a few times a day and have still not got a complete collection of any trophy. If I'd known about this update I may have already completed the trophies.

    Really pissed off now, might just not bother trying to complete my trophy list.
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