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    aeschylus wrote:
    Also when I did a MP map, I started god knows where, with only a pistol, is that right?
    Arma is infinitely mod-able and the editor - in conjunction with the powerful scripting language - means almost anything is possible. So my answer is 'yes?'.

    The real question is, which MP map were you playing and can you find any documentation online about that mission?

    If in doubt, the first thing to do is hit 'M' to bring up the map. At the top will be a bunch of stuff you can click on, look for 'Briefing'. Any mission maker worth their salt will put all the info you need in there.

    As for tips...

    - It's not COD, so don't think you can run and gun all the time
    - Cover > concealment > running around in the open
    - The stock AI is ruthless and while your body armour can eat a few rounds, one good hit will kill you
    - There are about 33 individual stances you can now adopt (including leaning). Use them to minimise your exposed profile
    Standing High (plus lean each way)
    Standing (plus side-step and lean each way)
    Standing Low (plus lean each way)
    Crouching High (plus lean each way)
    Crouching (plus side-step and lean each way)
    Crouching Low (plus lean each way)
    Prone High
    Prone Low
    -'Z' Toggles Prone, 'X' Toggles Crouch/Standing. Ctrl+W raises stance, Ctrl+S lowers stance. Ctrl+A side-steps left. Ctrl+D side-steps right. Q and E will make you lean.
    - The 3D reticule now properly indicates where your weapon is pointed. Use it to make sure you aren't going to hit window frames and low walls
    - Pressing 'C' while crouching or standing will put you into combat movement. Your weapon will remain shouldered when you run, only sprinting will lower your weapon
    - Tap R-Click to use sights, hold R-Click to zoom. Ctrl+R-Click to switch between sights on a weapon
    - Only sprint when you are in danger of being shot
    - 'G' is bound to grenades. 'I' is bound to inventory. Left side of the inventory is the thing you are looting (Man, crate, vehicle, ground). The rest is your stuff. R-Click will move stuff from one side to the other. However, there is a bug that eats items if the target has insufficient space (it's supposed to drop onto the ground but doesn't always). Use Click-drag to move larger items to prevent this.

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