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    This is Alpha and there is a lot of optimisation to do.

    Draw distance: The bigger it is the more objects on screen and thus geometry to render.

    Post Processing: Makes things look nice but the Motion Blur effect is a killer, turn off Post Processing or use a no-blur mod such as http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?148644-NoBlur which gets rid of blur but leaves the other effects, some have gotten a 10fps bump from this.

    AI puts a strain on your CPU and in bigger battles the combination of AI and ballistics maths can strain the most powerful of PCs.

    I've got a Q9550 & HD6970 and look to get a stable 30fps & 2560*1600 with a 2k object draw distance.

    Considering your card and resolution I'm surprised your getting low frames but then if your draw distance is to big you might have a bottleneck elsewhere.

    It'd also be worth searching the ARMA forums for your card to see if anyone else is having issues.
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