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    Dougs wrote:
    burns wrote:
    Does anyone know if there is a way to recover a player's stamina/fatigue in normal league mode (Not ML)? I am playing as Arsenal and RVP's stamina/fatigue doesn't recover, even if I leave him out of the team for 3 - 4 games.

    Can you set training in normal mode? Worked out the training regimes a bit better in ML, and setting them to conditioning for a week really helps recovery.

    Been getting stuck into this more and more, loving it but it can be infuriating. Even on Pro level the CPU punishes you for any minor mistake. Battered Man Utd at OT last night, hit the post, bar, 15 shots etc. Only to change to the wrong player at the wrong time and drag a defender out of position for Rooney to score with their first shot on target after 85 mins. Staggeringly true to life over the last few seasons (this year excepted...).
    I couldn't find a method to improve the stamina and I'm pretty certain there is no training option in standard league mode. In the end I went back and started the league with accumulated fatigue turned off, much much better.
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