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    2011 is the better game overall with better driving model. The feeling of grip (whilst still a bit weird/arcadey at times) is much improved as is the force feedback. You no longer have REALLY silly physics in 2011 (like stopping a spin by stamping on the brake in 2010).

    Whether its worth the price depends on what you are after. As a game, feature and experience wise they are very similar so if you after an arcade fun racer 2010 is just as good. The driving experience is what changed most 10 to 11 so if you are more into realism 2011 is a marked improvement.

    Have to say I find both games hugely frustrating (see my rant further up the thread!) but that is perhaps because I want them to be like the old Geoff Crammond sims. I've just come back to 2011 for a bit of online racing and I'm enjoying it more racing now that I know the limitations and can work around them.

    2012 will be out in September and will almost certainly ship with several utterly debilitating bugs which will be half fixed in early December. Based on that I'd pick up 2011 now rather than bank on getting 2012 on release!

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