#9324630, By TarickStonefire Rate the last TV series you watched (full seasons only)

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    RyanDS wrote:
    Parks and Recreation: Season 1

    Only finished it as it was only 6 episodes. Awful show apart from the woman who was in the US version of the office who is lovely.

    5/10 - Won't watch more of this.
    One of my favourite shows, although I made the mistake of writing it off within the first ten minutes as yet another Office clone. Eventually I went back and gave it some time and now I love it. I think Ron Swanson develops into one of my favourite male characters in a comedy ever.

    The first series does not give you an idea of how it gets better, really, it was too short and relationships weren't developed. And the boring office guy that the Rashida Jones is into leaves after the next series, which is good because he sucked.

    (Rashida Jones = Cute Girl From The Office = Quincy Jones daughter I think = also an intellectual genius and capable of far more than just sitcom acting, but apparently that floats her boat so hey!)

    But if you don't like the way Poehler plays her character, don't bother I guess. Personally I really grew to love her.

    On the other hand, I have continually failed to get along nice with 'Community' - it's had SO much love from people who like very similar comedy shows to me that you'd think I'd love it, especially as apparently it ticks a lot of geek boxes.

    But I've tried to watch the first series twice now and I give up about 5 episodes in both times. It's *so* self-consciously whacky. And Chevy Chase is a fucking prick, which makes it hard to enjoy his 'work'.

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