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    Just came to post about that! 20 isn't bad when compared to US$40 in the States, though. ;) But yes, I was hoping it would be 10-12 to make up for being so late. Fingers crossed for a fast sale, as it would be nice to load it up whenever without having to fumble around for a disc like a fat-handed twat.

    (I only have DD on disc, not DD : DA, in case anyone thought I was interested in spending 10 just because of discal concerns!)

    Edit: the prices seem to be all over the place for this one! Over 35 in Mexico, AU$50 in Oz, about 16 in Hong Kong (they take Paypal, if anyone wants to save a couple of ) and Taiwan (only 2000 Asia points)... Capcom really should invest in some currency conversion DLC for their accounting program.

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