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    oldschoolsoviet wrote:
    Ended the night on Lv105, and I'm still getting my arse flung around sideways. God knows how this would be at the recommended Lv45-50. Eeeek.

    Currently D.Forging the hell outta stuff, now I know how to use the bait meat, but this is continuing to amaze and entertain in huge measures. This is how DLC should be !
    Answer: very rough!

    I'm doing it in hard mode at lvl 50 odd and it's a bit crazy because stuff like goblins, ogres, trolls, cockatrice are all still fairly simple but the new stuff... Jeez.

    Hell hound one hits me, gore cyclops is too tough, and just last night I found that beholder... Run!!!!!

    It's almost Funny

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