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    When Tom Bramwell was on HatchetJob a couple of years ago, I thought he was impressive. Concientious and serious about what he does. By and large, I think he's a good editor. You'll notice he'll explain corrections, mistakes and why (or why not) they'll stick up for something a contributor wrote. There are some daily newspapers that could learn from that.

    I agree. But it's funny to contrast Fahey's public outburst after his story was posted as the top story on Eurogamer with Tom's frequent comments on the podcast about he hates how vicious people are in Eurogamer comments threads and how he wishes people would be more civil to each other when arguing about videogames.

    That disparity troubles me too and it's fair to say all this has been in my thoughts a lot this week.

    As I mentioned earlier on in the thread, I'm annoyed with myself for making flippant comments in public that might offend people - especially people who take the time to read our content and post comments about it.

    I'm also still discussing all this behind the scenes. I always want us to learn from experiences like this and do better in the future as a result of them, and while I know that may not be enough of a reaction for some of you, I hope you will accept that it is honest and well-intentioned.
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