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    Blotto wrote:
    So who's the best to order from to get it a day early?

    Game usually get it to me a day early, but I've never ordered this late before. What about Shopto? Never used them before.

    I do like shopto BUT my last 5 orders out of around 20, 3 never turned up at all and 2 arrived after release day! I only seem to have trouble when it's a big release. Ive ordered 2pm one day and it was on my door mat 9am the next day. I must of just been unlucky.
    Always refunded no probs tho.

    I've saved using supermarkets for deus ex and gears 3 so I'm going to give them a bash again this time.

    Maybe your sorting office is a bit shit? The one around me seen to do a good job

    The only time shopto have ever let me down was during the postal strikes

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    Could be, do I have a choice of sorting office?

    If I get it shipped to your sorting office Matt do you mind dropping it off at mine? :)

    Sure I'll get a carrier pigeon prepared :D
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