#6917096, By JohnnyWashnGo 10 O'Clock Live C4 - Brooker, Carr, Laverne and Mitchell

  • JohnnyWashnGo 21 Jan 2011 08:19:21 1,544 posts
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    Enjoyed it more than I thought but still found it more than a little cringeworthy in places.

    Brooker seemed a little out of place throughout most of it but his pre-recorded piece had me laughing a fair bit.

    Mitchell did his usual trick of being himself for the duration which is fine by me because I find his fish face rather amusing.

    Carr I don't normally like but I did warm to him a little in this show. I think the holiday hotspot thing was a really bad idea but when given the chance to talk freely he was entertaining.

    Laverne was kinda pointless to be honest. That whole world news network thing was crap.

    Still, will watch it again next week to see how it progresses.
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