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    Dr_Wookiee wrote:
    What are people using as their ultimate monster set. Also, it seems to be very rare that you need a decent set of monsters. I hope that the DLC brings some tough fights. Omega, Ruby, Emerald weapon DLC pack maybe?

    I'm currently going with Gold, Silver and Green Chocobo.
    Although I did't really mean to, I ended up with Pulse Knight, Dragoon and Flanitor for the majority of the game. I would have liked to have a party of Chocobos, but I never seemed to have enough mats to level anything past the stats of the other three. Although I will admit Flanitor's 'hyper rescue' helped me out of a lot of tricky situations.

    King_Edward: It's better to use the large nodes strategically to max out desired stats, however doing that delays acquiring abilities which can make things a bit more difficult early on.
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