#6886712, By solidSnake04 Do you rumble?

  • solidSnake04 11 Jan 2011 15:19:07 177 posts
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    Similarly in Sports Champions. Guys you arent trying that hard are you ?
    Pretty much whenever you get hit, the pad will vibrate. I Think MGS 3 implemented it in a cool way with the sonar. Or the Microphone in MGS 2 and MGS 3.

    Or for example when you get hit by a granade in COD. Not when the granade explode, but when you actually get HIT by a granade.

    Or the gun recoil.

    Or how widly the pad vibrates when a chopper is nearby.

    Or the heart beats in horror games that gets faster and stronger the more lost you are for example.

    Or when a fish bites the bait in fishing games.
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