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    meme wrote:
    Yep. It's not a company aimed at gamers at all, but at parents shopping for kids. So they feel they can get away with being shitheels because they're 'charging extra for customer information'. Or in layman's terms 'they don't know about the product so we can bullshit them to death about it'.

    Though it wasn't the most soulless company I've worked for. That honour remains in the hands of Blockbusters.

    That and the fact the last time I went in there they had 'pre-owned' games on the shelves for the same price as exactly the same game next to it brand new. How they haven't been picked picked up on stuff like this by some sort of consumer acts group ill never know. i've sent them a message on twitter asking if they feel they are taking the piss charging this different price (Im so crazy i know) so ill wait to see if they reply.
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