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  • Deleted user 23 September 2013 13:38:32
    President_Weasel wrote:
    He did strongly and repeatedly criticise his own players, which seemed like both a dick move and also a very poor bit of man management, but I'm shocked to see him get sacked after so few games of the season.
    Please god not McLeish though, he makes the entire division more depressing. Although since they're kneejerking away in the Sunderland boardroom you have to assume they'll go from the relatively untried firebrand foreign manager to someone experienced, British, and dull as fuck - but generally speaking 'experience and British' is code for 'failed at least once at this level'.
    He also kept punishing them in ways that got himself into trouble with the PFA. There's nothing wrong with trying to bring in discipline but he was clearly out of his depth both on and off the field.

    On the field the board should have known what they were getting but it looks like they took a risk that didn't pay off of the field.  It's not like the Sunderland board haven't been extremely patient with managers in the recent past when results aren't going there way.
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