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    I reckon we're after a couple of big signings, including Higuain. Whether we pull them off is another matter.
    Exactly, just wasting time IMO.
    Right, so you don't want us to go after players that will in all probability improve the team, given their record? You'd rather us take punts on those around 12-15m that may or may not improve the team, much like Gervinho et al?
    No i'd rather we spent more time doing research and scouting on the players in the bracket that we can afford, instead of taking punts on them at the last minute because we spent all our effort on targets we knew we could never afford
    So, no matter what, Wenger can't win.
    Go after big players? They're being over ambitious and wasting time on players we allegedly can't get.
    Go after players we can afford, like Santos, Park, Chamakh and co, and he gets he'll for buying shite players?

    My point is, if we spent more time looking in our price bracket we might have ended up with Michu / Remy / Sissoko / Coutinho instead of scraping the barrel after all the clubs at our level have finished their business and ending up with Chamakh park and santos. We need to stop wasting time trying to sign Mata, and start getting in there earlier to nab the good players in our price bracket up front. Not waiting till the end for some super super quality that we can't get.

    A bit like we did with Podolski last season, he's a good solid player and we went out and tied him up ASAP.
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