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    Dougs wrote:
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    Wenger has no idea on the market value of players. He should give the names of targets to someone else, and let them do the business side of things.

    oh wait, the someone else is Gazidis...
    Market value is just what someone is prepared to pay at any given point. Only time will tell if they are good value or not. Plus, at the end of the day, clubs are businesses. As fans we think nothing of insisting clubs don't negotiate to try and get a cheaper price, which is laughable - they have a duty to their shareholders to negotiate the best deal. The only clubs that can afford to not negotiate are City and Chelsea.
    Well exactly, if something costs 12m it costs 12m theres no point phoning up every day and going "how about 10m how about 10m how about now? and now? 10m? shake on 10m? 10m it is then? oh shit its august 31st we need to buy santos"

    we should be lowering our expectations and going for players who actually cost what we are willing to pay.
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