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    Celtic's scouting department is amazing right now. Unearthed some real gems who have stepped up to the next level, like Forster, Hooper and Wanyama. All could do a job for a top 8 PL side, or higher.
    Doing well in the SPL, especially this season, counts for little. Did you mean top 6 Championship side?


    Forster wasn't too highly rated when at NUFC (but never had the chance because he's inferior to Krul), Hooper scored for fun for Scunthorpe and was linked to a few PL sides before he went to Celtic, and I'll give you Wanyama.
    He did say top 8. I'm pretty sure those players could have done a job at West Brom or, to an extent, Everton.
    You mean "plucky little Everton".
    No, I mean that even though Hooper wouldn't be a head and shoulders above what Everton had this year he might have been a handy person to have in the squad. And Wanyama would fit into quite a few squads very well. It all depends on what each of us means by "do a job", I suppose.
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