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    kalel wrote:
    The issue is really the ongoing nature of these instances. In isolation each one would be a biggish deal, but probably forgivable in the spirit of it being an 'out of character' one-off (like Defoe's similar biting incident).

    The problem here is that the guy is a constant liability, and no matter how talented he is (and he is VERY talented), it will ultimately ruin his career (a la Di Canio or someone), because in the end the biggest clubs don't need to take risks with players who will spend half their career banned and bringing shame on their clubs.

    I reckon he'll get one more chance abroad, at Bayern or Barca or wherever, and all of this will happen again (because there's clearly nothing that can be done to stop him doing these things) and that will be his lot, and he'll end up at some second rate club for cunt rejects.
    Can't argue with that really.

    As a lifelong Liverpool fan I find myself in a position of wanting the best player we've had for a decade to leave for the good of the club. I was incredibly uneasy over the horrible handling of the Evra incident, and if we bungle this one too it'll be a disaster.

    We can't afford to sack him (that much is obvious), so what do we do? Publicly put him up for sale?

    When you can't see the angles on the wall you're in trouble.

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