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    The-Bodybuilder wrote:

    Gonna have to call you out on this one.
    That's a lot of bile towards a player who hasn't done anything wrong. "Noodle of a twat"? What has he done to deserve this? Does he injure himself unpurpose? Does he not try to get better? Is he lazy in his recovery?

    Yes we haven't got a CM because all hedges have been on him remaining fit, but is that he's fault? Yes his on allegedly 70k, but if you were an injury-prone mess and your boss offered you a 70k 4-year contract, would you turn it down? On principle?

    Blame Wenger if you like (IMO, he's the one that deserves all the blame, even though there have been times in the past when I've understood him taking the gamble, but that shouldn't have happened this season), but it's not Diaby's fault.


    Had to be said.
    Please someone mention Robin Van Persie and hyopcrisy
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