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    It's utter garbage. Even the comparisons with Nani are garbage. The guy that did all the rolling around on the Nani challenge just got up after about 10 seconds. Haidara could be out until Christmas, or god forbid even longer.

    And fair play to the club for going "yeah, we found out on Sky Sports News before the FA even bothered to tell us". Complete shambles.

    I mean obviously even if he gets banned it doesn't erase what was a shambolic game for us. With this challenge and the handball both missed we were well and truly stiffed.

    Isn't this year supposedly the big celebratory year of the FA? Awesome way to show that 150 years later you are still the righteous and just pillars of the game.

    And don't even get me started on the complete drivel that Martinez and Whelan have been coming out with all week. Detestable little club.

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