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    Syrette wrote:
    SuperCoolEskimo wrote:
    Sunday papers running a story that an Arab consortium is to make a £1.5bn takeover bid for us. Anyone would be better than Kroenke tbf.
    Aren't you getting £70m to spend in the summer? And you're STILL not happy?

    Calm down guys, Spurs aren't confirmed as North London top dogs just yet! Nor do I think this Arab consortium would charge less for tickets etc, at least not immediately.
    Your "ARSENAL FANS MOAN TOO MUCH" gig is really getting tired now.

    SCE simply posted a recent headline and his thoughts, how or why that has you going on (again!) about us not being happy with our "£70mil warchest" (note: There is no evidence of that so you should stop taking it as a fact) is beyond me.

    Honestly, for someone who feels arsenal fans moan too much, you seem to be moaning more than anyone.
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