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    kalel wrote:
    mikew1985 wrote:
    ...a lot more teams are going to come and do what Spurs did and we need to be able to break them down.
    We didn't exactly park the bus. We were defensive but we were always looking to counter, and we were playing in your half for a good amount of the game.

    Our tactics were pretty bog standard away team tactics, and no different to what pretty much every singe team has tried to do at OT for the last twenty years.
    I'd say we were only defensive because UTD had lots of possession in the first half. Not sure it was a tactic, it is just naturally what you have to do!

    At 1-2, for instance, Spurs were still attacking and even when we went 1 up top with Kane with 80 on the clock we were still trying to push it up to him. I'm not actually sure that Sherwood has a defensive playbook.
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