#9389799, By vyseofhr Your Most Loved GameCube game EVER!!?

  • vyseofhr 22 Feb 2013 12:32:57 975 posts
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    That's not too far removed from my current library actually:

    Animal Crossing
    Baten Kaitos
    Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
    Donkey Konga 2
    Eternal Darkness
    LoZ: Wind Waker
    Luigi's Mansion
    Paper Mario: TTYD
    Pikmin 1+2
    Skies of Arcadia
    Super Mario Sunshine
    Viewtiful Joe

    I've recently been expanding my Gamecube library; it's probably the 'retro' console I now spend most time on, and along with the Dreamcast probably my favourite catalogue of games ever.

    I only wish I could find Killer 7, Tales of Symphonia and MGS: Twin Snakes... then my library would be complete (I have the Metroid Trilogy on Wii now).

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