#6900685, By Picnic Sega Mega Drive Vs Super Nintendo!

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    The SNES sold more worldwide but, in the UK where I am, the Megadrive sold more.
    Understandably so - although it could be seen that multiformat games like Streetfighter 2 usually looked and sounded better on the SNES, it's the exclusives that makes a console and I don't think that RPGs like Zelda did much for us then. Since the Spectrum and Commodore 64, we'd been raised on lots of platform games.
    And we never heavily bought the NES because a) Nintendo released it late on here b) the graphics (and cost of the games) and the types of games didn't impress us when we already had the Amiga with its psychedelic-looking games fitting the acid house early 90s era. The time was ripe for some flashy arcade type games and Sonic the hedeghog satisfied that. We also got the best Disney games like Quackshot , Aladdin, Castle of Illusion and World of Illusion. The truth is that Super Mario World was just an evolution of Super Mario Bros 3 , not massively 'next generation'. Attention turned to the SNES (and Rare) when Donkey Kong Country was released though but that was too late in the day for the SNES to sell more overall in the UK. But Nintendo would certainly be more noticed by Brits when the N64 was released, again largely due to Rare who often beat Nintendo in quality.
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