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    figgis wrote:
    GundamJehutyKai wrote:

    Couple that with the issues which people have already mentioned, like the running of franchises to the ground and you're left with very little to like!

    Aside from the fact he's helped turn Activision into one of the biggest and most profitable games developers in the world (If not the biggest). The main reason he's still in his job and can get away with saying such daft things.

    So, he's made Activision enormously profitable. Does that mean that there is something likeable in that? I mean, the use to Malaysian sweat shops has made Nike enormously profitable. The slashing and burning of thousands of square miles of rainforest has made McDonald's very profitable. Likeable though?

    The fact that he's made a lot of money is indisputable, but whether that makes him a likeable person certainly is, as is whether he's doing it in a way that is sustainable.

    A similar approach made EA the biggest games developer in the world. It also nearly destroyed them.

    I find your assertation that you can't hate someone because they make money slightly disturbing.
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