#6645571, By MoFo The Ship sequel: Bloody Good Time - GET IT!

  • MoFo 18 Oct 2010 11:12:09 282 posts
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    Hey all,

    Just wanted to put a shout out for the forthcoming sequel to The Ship, namely, "Bloody Good Time" on Xbox Live.

    As one of the team that worked on it but subsequently lost their job after much dubious shenanigans from the publisher (don't take just my word for it), even though we all lost our jobs and your buying the game would ultimately support the evil conglomerate publisher nasties, it would also give us an immense deal of satisfaction to see you guys getting to play and hopefully enjoy it.

    Obviously if it gets totally panned by the reviewers then feel free to ignore this request, but I for one am confident it'll at the very least provide some amusing and refreshing gameplay. All I ask is that you put it on your watch list and when it's out, hopefully the game will talk for itself.

    Then when you've finished playing it, fire-bomb Ubisoft.

    Disclaimer: Don't really do that - just imagine doing it.
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